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Personal affordable online interior design in 3 easy steps...

Style Your Space

is an accessible and convenient on-line room design package, which allows you to work personally with an interior designer in an affordable manner, in a simple three step process:




Your work

Tell us about Your space

In order to get styling your space, we need :

  • completed 'style survey'

  • room & wall measurements

  • photographs of your space

  • details of items you are retaining

  • pictures of things that inspire you

And once we are underway, we need you to check in to your personalised 'My Space' project area so that we can discuss and share progress

How we develop Your design

Once we receive all of 'Your Work', we'll get started.  We will work interactively with you to:

  • understand your needs and wishes

  • develop a room layout to meet them

  • introduce knowledge of colours, trends, wall & floor coverings

  • recommend suppliers and makers of furniture and fitments to fit your space

And pull together a unique look for your space which meets both your aspirations and your budget



Our work

What  You receive from us

Once we have worked our magic, we will send you electronically:

  • visual storyboard so you can imagine your space

  • scaled room plan/layout so that you can see where everything goes in your space

  • fabric/wallpaper/paint selections so you can see what they look like together

  • sourcing list so that you know how and where to buy the recommended furnishings for your space


And you will be able to work your own magic, making the plans a reality



Your space

What's Your  next step?

Thanks! Message sent.