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How do I get started?

Once you have purchased your package you will be sent a link to your 'My Space' project page which will contain all the documentation that you will need to complete ‘Your Work’: - The ‘Style Survey’ which gives us information about you and your chosen space - The 'Size Your Space' which is measuring guide and template - An area where you can upload your photos, own ideas and inspirational images for us to draw on during our design process (or you can email them directly to us if you prefer) Complete the surveys, measuring and photography of your space and choose some style inspiration photos to give us guidance on the looks you love (these can be uploaded, emailed or links from websites/pinning boards such as pinterest or houzz). Then click the ‘I’m good to go’ link on your project page and we will get started.
Please also feel free to use the comment section of our questionnaire to expand upon your specific requirements – the more information we have about you, the happier you will be with your design.

How do you work with me?

Once you have sent us all of your work, and notified us accordingly, we will get in touch to set up some communication events to review your ideas and discus our suggestions, so that we move forward together in developing a space you will love. This can involve email, phone, skype or other messaging depending on your preference and availability. Some people prefer to be more involved, some less so - its entirely your choice. During this time we share ideas about the overall look and feel of the room, suggested colour schemes, fabrics & wallcoverings, and the style of any furniture and fittings. Your input is essential and will have plenty of opportunity to influence, make changes and suggestions along the way.

Do I really need to send the inspiration images, why can’t ‘Style your Space’ just get on with it?

As you know, there are a multitude of interiors choices out there and we don’t find interior design solutions work in isolation without you, the most important person, being involved. Your engagement ensures success – if we don’t understand enough about the look and feel you want from your space at the outset, then we may not deliver a space you will love, which would make us cry and you unhappy. We need your input in order that we are both set up for success.

When will I receive my design?

Your personal design package would typically be available approximately 3 weeks from the date that we receive all of your completed design tasks (‘Your Work’ - namely the ‘Style Survey’ your room measurements & photos, inspiration images, and photos/dimensions of furnishings you are retaining). This may vary depending on how available you are to contribute to the design process and how involved you would actually like to be.

I have decided that I want to change the room for the 'Style Your Space’ package, can I transfer my design package to a different room?

You may absolutely change the room you would like designed without charge whilst you are still in the process of completing 'Your Work' for the Room Information Pack. Just let us know.

However, once you have submitted all of the required design tasks and expressly asked that you wish us to start your design work, it is not possible to change the room we are working on without an additional charge. However, do always talk to us about any concerns as we can usually find a way to work it out!

What will I receive in my Style Your Space design package?

After the design period time has elapsed (usually three weeks, unless there are delays in our ability to work together) you will receive your package which will be posted to your own dedicated ‘My Space’ area on the website and/or emailed to you. Your ‘Style your Space’ design package will include everything that you will need to get started with your space, including your visual storyboard, scaled floor plan, furnishing & fabric selections, plus a full shopping list telling you where each specified item can be purchased.

Physical fabric and wallpaper samples (as available) can follow by post if you would like to request them for a small additional fee, contact us at

N.B. Your design fee does NOT cover the cost of any products specified, although it does work to the budget that you tell us at the outset.

How do I know that the furnishings you specify for me will all fit in my space?

It is very important you are accurate when measuring your room as we rely upon the information you send in order to create your scaled room design. Please follow the instructions very carefully, making sure to measure everything and taking extra care in measuring door openings! We cannot be responsible for any incorrect information provided to us. We strongly recommend that you re-measure prior to placing product orders.

Can you estimate in advance the cost of the furnishings you will specify for my space?

The ‘Space Survey’ asks you to select budge range for your furniture & finishes (not including contractor costs). We will then target your design at this budget level, although please be aware that these are only targets and not guarantees. Once you receive your Style your Space package, you can implement the design as specified or substitute items to meet your overall budget. You have final control of when and what you ultimately purchase.

If I have any questions or want to add information during the time my room is being designed, how do I do this?

Before we start work, once we have received 'Your Work', we will be in touch to schedule some communication events at times/in ways of your choosing (phone, skype, email, facetime or other).

In addition, you will be able to send messages to ‘Style Your Space’ through your very own secure ‘My Space’ project page. Here you will also be able to check the status of your project. All messages are answered within 2 business days.

Will I be purchasing the items you recommend from ‘Style your Space’ directly?

No, the design package just specifies the items for your space. We do provide you with a shopping list (and containing weblinks directly to the products where possible) which will enable you to make your own purchases as and when you wish to. In this way you can manage your budget to meet your available finances. Should you wish us to manage the purchasing on your behalf, this would be on a separate project basis and we can advise on costs accordingly. Please contact us at to discuss this further.

Once my ‘Style Your Space’ design package is delivered will I still be able to communicate with you and/or make changes to some of your selections?

Our goal is to deliver a design that you are thrilled with, if it requires some tweaks, that’s fine, just let us know. We can change up to a maximum of three specification substitutions per room.

If I buy another ‘Style Your Space’ package in the future will you still have my previous information so I can be sure all my rooms will work together?

Yes, your information is retained on your My Studio page for six months before we remove it from our website, unless you request that we remove it before that time.

What if I change my mind - do you give refunds?

You have the right to cancel your purchase of design services for a full refund within 14 days of placing your order (less any applicable PayPal, bank or credit card charges or fees), except that such right shall expire once you have confirmed to us that ‘Your Work’ from the Room Information Pack is complete and expressly asked us to commence design services for your room. Subject to the foregoing, if you wish to cancel your purchase, you must notify us of your decision to cancel at We will promptly thereafter notify you of your cancellation number.

How do I buy a 'Style your Space' design package?

Select 'Buy Service' from the 'Design Services' menu. Select the room of your choice from the room options given and click on the 'Buy' to begin the process. Complete the order form which will link you to the secure paypal site to complete the payment transaction as directed.

Once your request and payment is received you will receive an email from us with the link to your project area and you can make a start on ‘YourWork’ as soon as you like.


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