'My Space'
Your personal project studio

'My Space'

Welcome to Your personal project studio

Welcome into Our Space!

If you have got this far,  hopefully by now you have looked at our inspiration gallery, feel confident in our ability to work together and have purchased a package for the space you would like to transform.

Your dedicated 'My Space' project studio will usually be set up within 24 hours

of receiving payment for your order

after which you will receive a log-in password email to let you know you're good to go...


If you still need to make a purchase please go to our 'Buy Services' page or

send us an email if you have any further questions

You  can now get started....

Click the 'Log in to My Space' button for your personal project and enter your password

(live projects  are shown below referenced by your initials, postcode & date)

Once in personalised 'My Studio' space, start by telling us about your space by completing the

'Room Information Pack'

JH SG8 Jan22
VF SW18 Oct20
NO W4 Nov21
SR AL5 Oct20
KD TW1 Aug21
LP SW3 Jan21
CB MK4 Mar2020
HK TW1 Nov20
SM SW14 Aug19 

Issues with Your 'My Space'?

Please  send us an email if you have any problems logging in to, or working within, your 'My Studio' project space and we will get it sorted as soon as  possible.