Style Your Space

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Bespoke affordable interior design

on-line or in-person

Achieve your  dream space at your own pace, styled the way you love, all within your budget

We believe everyone deserves to have a beautifully designed space and here's how you can...

Style Your Space

is an accessible and affordable bespoke design service, which allows you to work individually with

an interior designer in a convenient manner, either on-line or in-person, in a simple three step process:


tell us about your space, wishes and budget...


we will work interactively with you to design your space...

STEP 3 : Your PACE

delivering a budgeted design plan for you to implement at your own pace

Style Your Space

can help you along your journey, whatever your interior design challenge:

Help : I don’t know where to start :

- check out our affordable online Style Your Space room design service


Help : my space just isn't working for me, I need some quick fix advice

- how about our Zoom Your Space power hour to get back on track

Help : I am just getting started and find myself paralysed by indecision

- have a look at our Bespoke Services to help you find your way


Help : I don’t know what colour to choose

- consider our Colour Your Space service to find some paints, fabrics and wallpapers you love


Help : I’ve got all these lovely things saved on my Pinterest board and I want to know where to buy them

- we can help Shop Your Space to find accessories you love at a price you can afford


Help : I want to sell/let our house and need it to look its best

if you ask us to Dress Your Space we can help you maximise your return

The beauty of our service is that you can tailor it to suit your needs at any point in time.  We can offer as little or as much help as you require, as and when you need it.

Your style, Your space, Your pace

and we never forget it!

Get in touch and we can tell you more...