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Six Stylish Suggestions : Pendant Lights for Your Space

So, I am finding myself drawn to a few pendant lights at the moment, some skeleton-like and others organically shaped. I don’t know why, I don’t particularly have a need for new pendant lights currently, I’m not actively seeking them either at home or on immediate projects, but they just keep seeking me out. If I share them with you, maybe you can find a home for them and I can appreciate them vicariously through you – you must let me if you do!

I think it may have all started at Design Junction during London Design Week last autumn – this is the home of all things happening in UK interiors. I found these beauties – hand woven carbon fibre and amazingly light, and amazingly expensive. But lovely none the less. A thing you can appreciate and then move on.

Source: The SUR MESURE collection by Artelier C

And thus onward…..

Trend one : silhouette shapes

Source : Vertigo lamp by Petite Friture

First - check this one out. I covet it greatly and one day it will be mine. The great thing is that you don’t need a great hugely high ceiling to hang it from, just some space around it. And you probably only need one, although it budget is no object this does look cool! Again, it’s super light – fibreglass this time stretched with velvety polyurethane ribbons - and sways in the breeze!

Papillon Pendant by Forestier

Then if you like the above, but need something (a) smaller and/or (b) more affordable, how about this one? It is less organically shaped than the ‘Vertigo’ but I like the tiered effect of the different sizes and it’s just as eye catching if you have the height for it. There are also different sizes.

Trend two – steam bent wood

There’s also a bit of a trend on bentwood pendants, first come to my notice via Tom Raffield, but other companies are now finding new ways and shapes to create works of art from steam-bent wood. Wood will add some additional texture & warmth to your space.

Skipper Pendant in walnut by Tom Raffield (left) and Tommy Oak steam bent pendant light by Stableford’s (right)

Trend three – organic glass shapes

Finally, onto some glass lovelies, which are also beautiful to behold, as long as you don’t mind the occasional dusting. Top tip - avoiding clear glass helps with this!

Grace Pendant Light by Heal's (left) and Cubie Pendant Light by Viso (right)

Finally, because whilst you may want to splurge on one thing in your space, there isn’t always a budget to splurge on everything - here are some budget friendly alternatives to each of the above:

Left to right : Layered pendant shade from Made.com, Groa wooden cage light from Lampsy.com and Whitechapel Ceiling Pendant from Atkin and Thyme.

If you are thinking you might need some help styling some lights in your space, do let me know.

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