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'My Space' Status

The journey to loving your new space begins here. If you have any queries contact us

or leave a message in your project chat area below

1. Tell us about your space

This will enable us to understand your space and your needs, to create a truly bespoke design which reflects who you are.  You will also have the opportunity to select the budget level that you have in mind, which we can use as a target in designing and specifying your room. 

2. Send us 'Your Work'

Once you have rounded up everything needed, upload here and we’ll get going on your great new space! 


What we need:

  • Photos of your space – include each wall (side to side and ceiling to floor), plus any room features from various angles. Also photograph any existing rooms that need to coordinate with your new space. 

  • Floor plan of your space with dimensions - measure room and draw a sketch plan, show locations of fixed items (e.g. cupboards, radiators, shelving) and features (e.g. fireplaces, reduced head height, panelling), including door(s) and windows. 
    Click here to download a Floorplan Template

  • Photos and dimensions of items you wish to keep - furniture, art or soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions, rugs.

  • Images you like - these could be magazine cuttings, photos, fabrics, or links to websites (such as pinterest/houzz/Instagram) where you might have found/posted items you like.

Need help?

Click here to  Download 'Room Information Pack' 

Click here to  Download Floor Plan Template 

3. Give us permission to get started 

Happy with what you've sent us? Let us know by giving us express permission to get on with your project design.  Once you have clicked this button, it is no longer possible to get a full refund, you will be charged for work completed at point of cancellation.

4. Appointment dates

We will contact you for an initial discussion on:


Appointment dates/times will be posted here. If you need to change these dates or alter how we make with contact you, please send us a message below.

4. Links to other documents for your project

Not yet posted

5. Send us a message about your project

6. Download your designs

Your completed designs will be available to download here...